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Premium SUV with Futuristic and Modern Design Show Sporty Impression

If we look from the outer view of the Toyota C-HR specifications, it will look like a body shape with a design that is so modern and futuristic. Because, when viewed from the front it is clear where there is a headlamp Projector Bi-Beam with DRL 3 points + Manual Leveling + Follow Me Home designed with a squint-like shape that is so sharp. In fact, the sporty-style bumper plus Halogen fog lamp also adds an elegant impression attached under the head lamp to ensure the road can still be seen even in foggy conditions.

Furthermore, to complete the front of this Toyota C-HR, the Japanese manufacturer added a large Grille with Diamond Design to make it look more elegant. On the other hand, in the middle can be seen the modern design style looks so clear from the use of door handles that are made so simple but still put forward functionality. Not only that, to make this Toyota C-HR more attractive, Toyota also makes this part more characteristic with its curves and firm lines ranging from the back door to the front so that it displays a very sporty and dashing impression.

Not only that, on the side of this premium SUV also appears to use sporty rims with silver color today diameter of 17 inches that makes it more sporty. Then on the back, halogen stop lamp model that he brought is no less futuristic when compared to the front. Apparently, indeed this Toyota C-HR specification has a design look that is so modern and futuristic that it reinforces the sporty impression on each side.


Interior Sector So Elegant and Modern Presents a Classy SUV Nuance

After we discussed the outside sector, it is time for Mas Sena to review the interior sector of the Toyota C-HR specification. Looking at the interior side of this luxury SUV made by Toyota, Mas Sena’s friends will be presented with a spacious cabin and an elegant interior atmosphere that is increasingly visible on each side of the interior.

Not only that, it is not a liability and adjusts to the price of the Toyota C-HR that will be priced with a high number, the Toyota itself provides equipment not only limited to the comfort of seats wrapped in high quality materials. However, to give it a new feel, the sakura automotive manufacturer has also equipped this part of the cabin space with black & Licorice Brown accents that are so elegant in some parts, which increasingly makes the Toyota C-HR a classy premium SUV. Meanwhile, the dashboard design was made more futuristic with Diamond accents on A/C grilles and Soft Touch materials.

In addition, the dashboard line carried by Toyota-made SUVs will also be equipped with multimedia in the form of a head unit with a 7-inch touch screen that will be equipped with Bluetooth, AUX, USB, FM/AM, CD, MP3, Mirrorlink / Miracast, Weblink settings. In fact, in this dashboard sector is also equipped with a special panel that can be used to connect between smartphone devices of the user in the context of playing a list of favorite songs. On the other hand, the convenience is also provided by the Toyota C-HR on the steering wheel where to make it easier for the rider to change track or reach the panel on the screen, Toyota provides a complete button package at the steering wheel.

Like Audio Steering Switch with Phone Mode. So, the driver can still focus on driving this SUV. Interestingly, one of the button packages on the steering wheel is the Driving Mode feature that has been integrated with the MID screen which consists of Sport, Normal, or Eco modes. The three choices of driving modes can be selected by the driver according to their needs. Meanwhile, on the MID screen he carries, this dashing car will carry High Tech MID with Animation that is ready to show the condition of the car to the driver when driving. Not less than the exterior, it looks like the interior sector of the Toyota C-HR specification is designed to give the feel of a premium class SUV that is okay to have.

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All New C-HR
All New C-HR
2 Type
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