16 Type


Type Harga
New Fortuner 4X2 2.4 G M/T 509.900.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X2 2.4 G A/T 527.600.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X2 2.4 VRZ A/T 558.400.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X2 2.4 VRZ TRD A/T 573.000.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X2 2.7 SRZ A/T 582.400.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X2 2.7 SRZ TRD A/T 597.000.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X4 2.4 G A/T 635.600.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X4 2.4 VRZ A/T 709.500.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X2 2.4 G LUX M/T 513.500.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X2 2.4 G LUX A/T 531.200.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X2 2.4 VRZ LUX A/T 562.000.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X2 2.4 VRZ LUX TRD A/T 576.600.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X2 2.7 SRZ LUX A/T 586.000.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X2 2.7 SRZ LUX TRD A/T 600.600.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X4 2.4 G LUX A/T 639.200.000 Chat Chat
New Fortuner 4X4 2.4 VRZ LUX A/T 713.100.000 Chat Chat

Special Features

  • Low DP
  • Light Installments
  • Negotiate Until Deal



Exterior Design Is Getting Dashing and Stylish Thanks to Your New Tough Bold Design Concept

In the first segment, Mas Sena will review the exoterror side of the Toyota Fortuner specification that features quite a lot of changes. If we observe in detail, for the design of the All New Fortuner look this time does bring a completely new nuance compared to the previous generation. It is not wrong if through the concept of ‘Stylish and Confidence’ design that it brings, the All New Toyota Fortuner car looks more luxurious and classy.

This can be seen from the curves of the body and the concept of a fresher grill, as well as fog lamps that now look more elegant. Starting from the headlights, All New Fortuner managed to look more fashionable with a headlamp design with Bi-Beam Hi Tech LED Projector technology that is slim slimr than the previous version. The headlamp itself is integrated with DRL and Auto Leveling so that it does not dazzle the eyes of the rider in front of him.

In addition, the All New Toyota Fortuner also looks even more fierce thanks to the prominent front grill design that is made more striking, then combined with a large-frequency foglamp that at first glance looks aggressive. Switching on the side body, the All New Toyota Fortuner looks pretty dashing and masculine with a rear glass model that narrows back.

The body line is also minimalist as most SUVs look. Lastly for the rear body, it is now also designed more dynamically with the new sharply designed LED Tailigiht model that successfully makes the All New Toyota Fortuner look more stylish and bolder out of fortuner’s previous design. With a higher-designed body design, The All New Fortuner is also embedded with a power back door that can be opened and closed only through buttons. So, if you look at the exterior design of the all-new Toyota Fortuner specifications, it will certainly make you more confident driving it, according to the tagline ‘Stylish and Confidence’.


Extra Comfortable Cabin Supported by Complete and Luxurious Interior Facilities

Furthermore, in this second segment we will dissect the toyota fortuner specifications in the interior. As if to compensate for the aesthetics of its exterior that looks more stylish, Toyota also provides a refresher on the interior of the latest generation of Fortuner. Starting on the dashboard, it now looks more luxurious with a better combination of materials and styling panels. With a touch of wood accents, the dashboard of toyota fortuner does look more exclusive.

The dark-colored cabin is still quite spacious with several instrument panels that are harmonious like today’s SUV cars. In addition, the steering wheel is also given a new touch has the features of steering switch, paddle shift and sequential, Fotur Eco/ Power Mode, rear Diff Lock, and also paddle shift feature so that the driver will be more pampered by this All New Toyota Fortuner.

Then, The All New Fortuner for certain types also comes with a new model meter console measuring 4.2 inches TFT color that is able to display information through MID with informative. Moving to the upholstery section, the latest version of the Toyota Fortuner is also undergoing an upgrade process, where now the upholstery feels more padded, and on the highest type fortuner has also been patented full of luxurious leather. Like modern cars today, Toyota Fortuner specifications also support ISOFIX model seats and all seats are available seat belts. For the luggage is also quite relieved to accommodate luggage.

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16 Type
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