8 Type


Type Harga
Rush 1.5 G M/T 240.500.000 Chat Chat
Rush 1.5 G A/T 249.800.000 Chat Chat
Rush 1.5 S M/T TRD 251.500.000 Chat Chat
Rush 1.5 S A/T TRD 260.800.000 Chat Chat
Rush 1.5 G M/T LUX 243.030.000 Chat Chat
Rush 1.5 G A/T LUX 252.330.000 Chat Chat
Rush 1.5 S M/T TRD LUX 254.030.000 Chat Chat
Rush 1.5 S A/T TRD LUX 263.330.000 Chat Chat

Special Features

  • Low DP
  • Light Installment
  • NegoTiable Until Deal



SUV with a New Design That Is More Stylish and Elegant

As an introductory stage, it’s a good idea for Mas Sena to start by reviewing the physical design part of this Toyota Rush specification. As in the above review, the appearance of this SUV made by Toyota has indeed undergone a total update that is more elegant and stylish. Just look at the front which looks a more modern headlamp model in the form of a spit and angled pointy. Not to mention with Advanced Tech LED Headlamp technology that has been confirmed to provide perfect and bright lighting results.

Meanwhile, flanked by a pair of headlamps, the grille on the Toyota Rush looks so sportier carrying a chrome-plated Dark Dashing style that makes the look of his face even more fierce. Meanwhile, tough front TRD Underguard with foglamp on it is also included to complement the sophistication and functionality in driving.

Well, stepping on the side body, this latest Toyota Rush is formed with curves or lines quite firmly in the form of Striking Side Moulding that makes it more muscular. In fact, the handle door is made more modern by carrying a Smart Entry that will make it easier for users to open or lock the car door. Similarly, the rear part, where in this Toyota Rush rear lights appear in the form of Integrated LED Rear Combination Lamp with Cutting Edge design.

Thus, it will be able to provide maximum stoplamp lighting with a very modern shape. Not to mention, a protective feature in the form of Sturdy Rear TRD Underguard that is ready to provide maximum protection of the rear body. Of course, overall it can be said that the specifications of Toyota Rush in the physical appearance sector is fairly modern and looks more stylish and sporty.


Luxury Interior Equipped with Advanced Features Ready to Support Comfort

Meanwhile, stepping on the interior of the Toyota Rush specifications did not go unnoticed. Not without reason considering in the front dashboard sector that is quite prominent, presented by carrying the concept of Distinctive Soft Touch Dahsboard. The concept shortens the modern premium design that is so dynamic. Interestingly, the dashboard has also been equipped with some pretty advanced feature panels. One of them is a 7-inch Sophisticated Head Unit that will feature several complex menu panels.

These include AVX 7Inci with internet DVDs, Multitasking Support (Miracast/Weblink with Radio/USB/CD), Bluetooth, Ipod/iPhone Connectivity, Weblink (Waze Support), and Smartphone Remote App. Meanwhile, under the head unit carried by Toyota Terios will also be embedded Auto A/C With Digital Display that will provide freshness or coolness of temperature in the cabin room becomes more stable. Not quite there, this Toyota Rush has also been equipped with Stunning Combination Meter on the speedometer.

Some information menu displays related to the condition of the car when driving are also shown in digital form with a neat and attractive arrangement. Such as tachometer, rpm meter, fuel capacity, mileage, and some indicator lights are so informative. Similarly, the steering wheel is more comfortable so that it can be positioned to suit the taste of the driver.

On the other hand, to support entertainment features, especially when playing music, Toyota has equipped this Toyota Rush with 8 Surround Sound speakers that will provide a sound that is so steady and okay to have. Meanwhile, stepping on the seat, this latest model SUV has a cabin space designed for 7 passengers with three rows of seats. In a new dimension, it makes the interior much wider. Thus, it will make the passengers feel comfortable and can freely move around in the cabin on this Toyota Rush specification.

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8 Type
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