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Carrying the Concept of Luxury Design Show a Dashing and Luxurious Impression

At the beginning of this discussion, we will know the exterior side of the Toyota Hiace specifications first. Where, this time Toyota will apply a design style that puts forward the Luxury concept so that it can display the impression of a commercial car that is so elegant and luxurious. Not without reason, considering from each side of the outer body does look so charming with such an elegant look.

Just look, from the front sector, Toyota Hiace is known to have used a new headlamp that is ready to provide maximum lighting when driven at night with a larger shape and seems more authoritative. In fact, the impression of luxury is increasingly radiated strongly thanks to the chrome package-style design in the radiator grille sector and the Toyota Hiace fog lamp at the bottom of the headlamp. So, it’s no wonder that the front of this commercial car made by Toyota looks so slick and futuristic.

Meanwhile, on the side also appears a large rearview mirror design and elegant handle door where both components on the Toyota Hiace has been wrapped with an even chrome layer that further strengthens the impression of luxury. Not to mention the Alloy Wheel rims that look sporty enough that it will make it look more attractive. Not only that, on the side of this, Toyota Hiace will also use a door that has a slider or sliding design.

Where, with the system open the sliding door is certainly very easy to open by sliding only. While on the other hand, on the back of the body is also no less interesting. Because, this time Toyota has also equipped this Toyota Hiace with a large rear light (stoplamp) arranged vertically with a fused sein lamp.

In addition, there is a Toyota logo and chrome-plated “Luxury” emblem on the left side and a High Mount Stop Lamp on the top and Rear Wiper that further makes the exterior appearance of the Toyota Hiace specifications more charming and enchanting.


Luxury Interior with Large Cabin Space Able to accommodate 11 Passengers

Meanwhile, it is also not missed that this time we will jointly review the interior side or cabin space owned by Toyota Hiace specifications. Not much different from the luxury of the exterior side, the interior of this Toyota-made commercial car does offer a very spacious cabin space and can accommodate up to 8 passengers.

So, with the spacious cabin, in addition to being able to accommodate many passengers, of course the passengers of this Toyota Hiace will also feel comfortable considering it has more space. On the other hand, passenger comfort will be even more pampered thanks to some features embedded in the front dashboard. One of them is 6-inch touch screen technology as an entertainment feature that carries AVX technology.

Where, on the touch screen Toyota Hiace there are several menu options that are quite functional, such as Bluetooth, AUX, USB Port, AM/FM radio, iPod Ready, and DVD / CD that can be used to play favorite music. Moreover, at the bottom of the Toyota Hiace touch screen there is Climate Control that is presented to adjust the air conditioner easily. In fact, on the roof there are also several air conditioning holes that are quite large so that the coolness of the air in the cabin will always be maintained despite the weather outside the heat.

Of course, this becomes an advantage for Toyota Hiace. Then on the other hand, for the upholstery business there is no question of its sophistication. Because, this commercial car directed by a Factory from Japan will use wide and large seats with senderan and equipped with arm rest so that it will make the passengers of this Toyota Hiace feel like boarding an airplane, Quite interesting is not it. Not only that, to further display a more modern impression on this car, Toyota also equips this car with technological lights that surround the cabin space so that the comfort and luxury of the Toyota Hiace specifications are even stronger.

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