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Agya 1.0 G M/T 143.800.000 Chat Chat
Agya 1.2 G M/T 148.100.000 Chat Chat
Agya 1.2 G M/T TRD 153.445.000 Chat Chat
Agya 1.2 G A/T 161.640.000 Chat Chat
Agya 1.2 G A/T TRD 169.290.000 Chat Chat

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  • Light Installments
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LCGC Car with a More Fresh and Elegant Hatchback Design

Starting this review, Mas Sena will review in the outer part, namely on the exterior sector of the Toyota Agya specifications. Not the same as the previous version, this time PT TAM presents its LCGC car with a fresher look where it puts forward the typical style of a modern hatchback. It is very visible on each side of the body where in the front sector looks to get the most composition. Because, on the front of the Toyota Agya facelift is equipped with Smoked Projector Headlamp with LED Light Guide modern design in the form of a 6-sided trapezoid that makes it so stylish and elegant.

Not only that, the front grille is also made wider and shaped with a style so sporty that it is able to display a very charming look. The latest fog lamp is also attached sweetly to the front body of this Toyota Agya where it will emit light that will help the driver in driving when in conditions of heavy rain or thick foggy. Then, on the side is actually not too different from the previous version. It’s just that for the side view of the Toyota Agya facelift is made tend to be more sporty where there is a straight line that stretched from front to back on top of the elegantly designed side skirt so that it looks more attractive.

Then, stepping on the back sector, toyota agya facelift will be equipped with a combination of taillights that are made quite simple but still show a modern impression. Not quite there, on the back there is also a small spoiler with High Mount Stop Lamp.


Armed with Luxurious Interiors with Advanced Features Provide Extra Comfort

After we feel on the outside, it is time for us to move on to the next sector, namely the interior cabin part of the Toyota Agya specification. Presented as a facelift model, of course, Toyota will make this car more modern and fresher than the previous version, including the interior sector. It can also be seen how the cabin space of this Toyota Agya is made quite suitable for city car class that can accommodate between 4 to 5 passengers who are included with the driver.

However, the thing that attracted Mas Sena’s attention was the dashboard sector. Because, the dashboard part of agya facelift is equipped with various advanced features, such as New Advance Entertainment package complete with audio system in the form of AM/FM radio, CD player, and sound controller. Not only that, in this Toyota Agya Bluetooth connection and USB sockets are also provided on the dashboard so that users can play music at their own pace without the need to use cassettes. In fact, 2DIN Audio is also embedded in this Toyota Agya that is able to produce music that is so jarring and simplistic.

On the other hand, the driver is also equipped with Audio Steering Switch feature that is so functional in the steering sector. So, the driver can control the music player on the Toyota Agya without having to reach the panel located in the middle dashboard. Not only that, on the upholstery part of agya facelift is also equipped with Semi Bucket Seat made of soft fabric so that it will make every user comfortable when occupying the seat. Of course, with the supply of Toyota Agya specifications in the interior, this becomes a thing that can hypnotize consumers.

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5 Type
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