13 Type


Type Harga
Avanza 1.3 E STD M/T 187.600.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 E M/T 189.800.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 E STD A/T 197.900.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 E A/T 200.200.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 G M/T 206.700.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 G A/T 216.500.000 Chat Chat
Transmover Spec Up 168.500.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 E STD M/T Lux 191.650.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 E STD A/T Lux 201.950.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 E M/T Lux 193.850.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 E A/T Lux 204.250.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 G M/T Lux 210.750.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 G A/T Lux 220.550.000 Chat Chat

Special Features

  • Low DP
  • Light Installment
  • NegoTiable Until Deal


Exterior Design

What are the changes from the Toyota Avanza facelift compared to the Grand New Avanza? The change of avanza facelift car is very visible on the front view.

Front Exterior

On the front radiator grill design nuanced chrome lines and wider size. The bottom bumper has a black grill ornament and blends with the fog lamp. Changes are also found in the design of the front fog lamp which is triangular in shape and uses from halogen lamps.

In addition, the headlights also undergo a design change. The most noticeable changes to the design of lights with two levels are similar to those of the Toyota Vellfire design. In the upper front light bulb also already uses LED, while on the lamp sein still use halogen lamp. For the hood of the Toyota New Avanza there are curves from the left side and right side, so the design of the hood is still the same as the Grand New Avanza.

Side Exterior

Changes to the design of the side of the New Avanza car, there are not many changes compared to the previous Grand New Avanza. In the side molding body design can be said to be still the same and there is a Dual VVT-i emblem on the right and left side of the bottom of the rearview mirror that is also attached to the electric mirror. The design of the alloy wheels was also changed, although not so noticeably.

Rear Exterior

On the back of the car, the change in the design of the car is seen once on the rear lights there is an addition that merges with the rear luggage door lever. As well as the trunk door there are two red reflector lights. As for the bamper part there is also a change in the design of the reflector lamp on the right and the left part of the bamper which is a halogen.

The brake lights in the rear spoiler also undergo design changes, and in all the rear light designs are very noticeable changes, which are intended as safety factors when driving. For the color there are 7 color variants, namely Dark Blue, Bronze, Dark Red Mica Metallic, Grey Metallic, Black Metallic, Silver Metallic, and White.

Interior Design

Dashboard Of Toyota Avanza Facelift 2019

On the Toyota New Avanza Facelift, the dashboard changes using the new head unit. For Toyota New Avanza 1.5 G type, it is equipped with touch screen & iPod ready head unit. On the lower head unit of the screen there is a hazard light button and a warning light for the seat belt, which will light up if the driver or passenger on the front does not use a seat belt while the car is running. At the bottom of the hazard lights and seat belt warning lights, there is a flat hole that can be used for toll card holders. The color of the bottom dashboard is light brown, the top is dark and the bottom carpet is black.

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13 Type
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