4 Type


Type Harga
Sienta 1.5 V M/T 258.100.000 Chat Chat
Sienta 1.5 V CVT 274.700.000 Chat Chat
Sienta 1.5 Q CVT 294.400.000 Chat Chat
Sienta 1.5 V CVT Welcab Disability 354.300.000 Chat Chat

Special Features

  • Low DP
  • Light Installment
  • NegoTiable Until Deal



MPV with Elegant Design Concept

For the display of toyota sienta specifications offered, of course, it displays a premium and elegant impression with a design style that shows an exclusive and luxurious impression. The specifications on the exterior of the Toyota Sienta have a modern body shape. The appearance is seen on the front body equipped with a trapezoidal grille where the shape has similarities to the Toyota Yaris.

Then on the headlamp that uses LED lights with levelling. As for the foglamp, this Toyota Sienta has a round shape that combines with the front bumper and front grille so it looks so simple but looks elegant. Not only get there, on the second row side door is also equipped with sliding doors system equipped with Dual Power so as to provide convenience for passengers Toyota Sienta (G,V,Q) when opening the door.

As for Toyota Sienta Type E is only given Sliding Door manual only. As for the rear body display in this Toyota Sienta specification, horizontal-shaped lights are seen using LED lights combined with a circular red stoplamp on each side of the lamp.


Simple and Luxurious Interior Design

Well, in this session, mas Sena time will discuss on the interior sector of the Toyota Sienta specification. Starting from the cabin design that looks simpler equipped with a dashboard section with a layered design featuring a sweet style but not too minimalist. On the top layer is black which will be the place of fin AC (Air Conditioner), head unit holder, instrument panel, and engine start-stop button (V and Q).

In addition, for steering matters use a steering switch control system and equipped with a multi information display TFT screen. On the head mount of this Toyota Sienta unit, it is also equipped with a touch screen with a size of 4.2 inches and a MID display so that it will be easier to read. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the dashboard has a beige color as the place of the transmission lever and audio control button.

While on the upholstery is brown as the default variant V and Q, while E and G are black. Toyota Sienta also carries a three-row seating model so that it can carry 6-7 people. In the 2nd row seat, it is equipped with a captain seat model seat so that it displays a luxurious impression. However, for the back seat looks less spacious so it is only suitable if used for children only. In addition, toyota sienta specifications are offered using a dive-in row system that provides flexibility when the seat is folded.

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4 Type
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