8 Type


Type Harga
Avanza 1.3 Veloz M/T 212.900.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 Veloz A/T 223.700.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.5 Veloz M/T 224.300.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.5 Veloz A/T 235.300.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 Veloz M/T LUX 216.950.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.3 Veloz A/T LUX 227.750.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.5 Veloz M/T LUX 228.350.000 Chat Chat
Avanza 1.5 Veloz A/T LUX 239.350.000 Chat Chat

Special Features

  • Low DP
  • Light Installment
  • NegoTiable Until Deal



Elegant Exterior Design and More Sport

Toyota did deliberately ‘separate’ the Grand New Veloz from the Avanza. This is seen in the specifications of Avanza Veloz on the exterior. If the Grand New Avanza looks more ‘calm’ with a thick elegant feel, then this time Grand New Toyota Veloz comes with a more aggressive body design with a stronger sporty aroma. Take a look at the face of this Grand New Veloz! On the front fascia, you will be treated to a veloz look that is more characteristic through the design of a new headlight projector.

Then, this New Toyota Avanza Veloz also has a new grille design with a stylish design that will make you more confident. Grand New Veloz’s face does look more ‘macho’ thanks to a dark-colored grille that blends with chrome accents on the top. At the lower end, Toyota provides New Toyota Veloz with two round fog lamps. On the side, New Veloz has a design concept that is almost the same as the New Avanza, only minus body molding.

As for the stern, the specifications of the rear body, Toyota pinned the same smoothing panel as the Avanza. Similarly, the Grand New Toyota Avanza Veloz still carries the base of the New Avanza lamp design. The new difference will be found in the reflector part of the back which is sweetly arranged at the bottom end of the body. Then, toyota veloz specification on the design was also sweetened with spoiler access with a new stop lamp.


Luxury Steering Room And Extra Spacious Cabin

It’s time for us to go inside to see the specifications of Toyota Avanza Veloz in the cabin sector. Starting from the steering room, Toyota designed the Veloz cabin with an elegant, modern touch. This time Grand New Toyota carries a dark-accented dashboard theme. This is in accordance with Toyota’s design style that carries the theme ‘all new black tone dashboard panel design’. The dashboard design on this Toyota Veloz will provide an aura of luxury and look more stylish and make the overall interior look more sporty as well.

On the dashboard of the Toyota Avanza Veloz, Toyota embeds an Advanced Audio System device that features a 6.1-inch touchscreen display that has been equipped with CD, DVD, AM/FM, USB, AUX as well as Bluetooth features as well as an iPod slot. In the steering room you will also find an ergonomic steering wheel circumference that has been wrapped in high quality leather. For the passenger cabin, the interior of this Toyota Veloz is not much different from the Avanza. The passenger space in this car remains spacious and equipped with seats that can be arranged in such a way.

On each door Grand New Toyota Avanza Veloz is also equipped with a Power Window Panel Design that will facilitate passengers when wanting to adjust the position of the window glass. In general, the specifications of Toyota Veloz in the cabin space do look the same as the Avanza, but with a different touch on the steering wheel.

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8 Type
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