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Innova Venturer 2.0 M/T BSN 437.500.000 Chat Chat
Innova Venturer 2.0 A/T BSN 457.500.000 Chat Chat
Innova Venturer 2.4 M/T DSL 476.300.000 Chat Chat
Innova Venturer 2.4 A/T DSL 497.700.000 Chat Chat

Special Features

  • Low DP
  • Light Installments
  • Negotiate Until Deal



Luxury MPV with Elegant and Dashing Design Look

If we look at the exterior appearance, it looks like the Toyota Venturer specification does have some revisions or changes that are not much different when compared to the previous generation. It’s just that the impression of luxury and elegant look is increasingly more visible on this MPV. The most obvious luxury is that of its body kit, which is similar to the Innova Chrysta marketed in Thailand and India. But it’s black dof and surrounds the fender area to give this Toyota Innova Venturer a tough impression.

Chrome ornaments that become the mainstay of Toyota also seemed crowded filling the grille, rear door ornaments, side window trim and body kit. On the other hand, if you look from the front side, there is a head lamp that is formed with a rectangular design and a firmer angle. In addition, the head lamp model on Kijang Innova Venturer looks more modern and classy through the placement of sharper multi reflector hexagonal lamps. Then for the front grill is no different from the previous generation where toyota venturer itself is still formed with a s considerable design combined with multilevel frames and accented chrome.

For the front bumper, it is designed in a line with fog lamps formed with such a minimalist design. Then, moving for the side of the car, the design concept is quite tempting with a little curve of a very soft line so that it further enhances the luxury impression of this Toyota Innova Venturer. In addition, on the side body also appears the rearmost glass is designed with a more mruncing or sharp shape forming a 45 degree inclined triangle. However, for the rear sector display does not have much change and can be said to be almost the same as the previous generation of Innova with stop lamps and sein lamps mounted vertically on the specifications of this Toyota Innova Venturer so that it looks more simple but still elegant.


Luxurious and Spacious Looking Interior Equipped with Modern Features

In addition to revisions in the exterior sector, Toyota Venturer specifications also bring a better aura and quality to the cabin sector. This can be seen from the material used for the interior which is quite good. For the dashboard, Toyota applies a futuristic shape with wooden accents to reinforce the exclusive impression. In fact, the combination of high-end materials with panel arrangement on the dashboard of Toyota Innova Venturer is very attractive so as to reinforce the impression of luxury.

First, on the speedometer located in front of the driver also carries technology of mid TFT type so that in addition to looking elegant, the driver is easier to understand and read the condition of the car he is riding. In addition, on the middle side of the dashboard is also embedded some advanced features, such as Auto AC (Air Conditioner), All Auto Window, smart entry key and Illumination LED located on the ceiling.

However, it is not yet clear which entertainment system monitors are used. However, it is most likely that this Toyota Venturer will use the same head unit as the previous generation by immersing the 8-inch touchscreen with complete features and connectivity. Then, the new touch is most noticeable and visible on the interior side of the MPV made by Toyota is the black leather upholstery that eventually became the standard specification.

Then, to add a luxurious feel in the cabin, Toyota also implemented a captain seat configuration in the second row seats. Overall, the specifics of Toyota Innova Venturer on the interior side is quite elegant and complete with various advanced features.

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4 Type
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