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Type Harga
Vios E M/T 252.400.000 Chat Chat
Vios E CVT 265.400.000 Chat Chat
Vios G M/T 268.900.000 Chat Chat
Vios G CVT 281.600.000 Chat Chat

Special Features

  • Low DP
  • Light Installment
  • NegoTiable Until Deal


Midsize Sedan with a Fresher and More Dynamic Design Concept

Indeed, this update to the Toyota Vios specification is applied to several sectors, especially on the exterior side or physical body. It is certainly also because the exterior body in this sedan will give an initial impression to consumers and it is expected that from there consumers are interested. As said above, at first glance the form of this Toyota Vios has similarities with the Yaris 2018. Where, the change is visible in some parts.

First, from the front side looks a new model grille with the concept of a top grille made narrow while the bottom grille looks large combined with a trapezoidal shape type bumper. As for the main lamp has also been pinned DRL LED with a slightly squinting and sharpening design. So, in addition to being able to provide maximum lighting, certainly makes the face of this sedan more impressed dashing. In fact, the sophistication of this Toyota Vios car is also evident in headlamp technology that is now equipped with Multi Reflector HID and fog lamps that are ready to provide maximum beam of light.

Meanwhile, on the side of the Toyota Vios it seems that there is not much difference with the design of the previous variant. Which is, it looks sporty 15-inch and 16-inch rims that make it seem more authoritative. Meanwhile, stepping on the back, does not have much difference with the previous variant. Where, looks stop lamp style “Diamond Cut” modern so as to give a wider impression, luxurious and quite attractive. Of course, it becomes an advantage on the exterior side carried by toyota vios specifications.


Modern Interior Touch with Spacious Cabin Space

Stepping on the next discussion, Mas Sena will review the interior on toyota vios specifications. Please note that in this interior sector, Toyota actually still relies on the same interior concept, which carries the concept of Value Beyond Believe with quality materials. So, it is certain that the impression of a bright and elegant interior look.

The details, on the front dashboard, can be explored further there are some features embedded in the dashboard. Among others such as lcd touchscreen is quite wide with several functional menu options. In fact, on the LCD screen will display the Toyota Telematics System Audio menu that will provide user convenience when going to play music. In addition, under the touch screen of the Toyota Vios there are two air conditioning holes with digital settings. Not only that, the audio system settings are also included as a medium to provide entertainment so that users can play their favorite music.

In addition, on the steering wheel then itself adopted the steering style belonging to Toyota Altis which makes it even more luxurious. Not only that, the steering wheel is also equipped with an audio switch so it will certainly make it easier for the driver when he wants to make audio settings without disturbing his vision in the future. On the other hand, on the upholstery itself is also no less modern and comfortable with quality leather materials. So, it will make the passengers feel comfortable when occupying it. That way, no doubt if the interior sector carried by Toyota Vios specifications will provide a guarantee of comfort while driving.

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4 Type
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