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Type Harga
Yaris 1.5 G M/T 3 Airbags 248.300.000 Chat Chat
Yaris 1.5 G M/T 7 Airbags 252.900.000 Chat Chat
Yaris 1.5 G A/T 3 Airbags 258.200.000 Chat Chat
Yaris 1.5 G A/T 7 Airbags 262.800.000 Chat Chat
Yaris 1.5 S TRD M/T 3 Airbags 268.800.000 Chat Chat
Yaris 1.5 S TRD M/T 7 Airbags 273.400.000 Chat Chat
Yaris 1.5 S TRD A/T 3 Airbags 279.500.000 Chat Chat
Yaris 1.5 S TRD A/T 7 Airbags 284.000.000 Chat Chat

Special Features

  • Low DP
  • Light Installments
  • Negotiate Until Deal


More Sporty and Stylish Look Typical of Modern Hatchback

In terms of exterior appearance in this Toyota Yaris specification, it can be said that almost overall it has a design look that looks more sporty, futuristic, stylish, and of course with its dynamic style that is so elegant. Not without reason considering this impression is clearly visible from the curves of the design with sharp angles ranging from front to back. In more detail, we can start from the front side. Where, this time Toyota Yaris will carry Dynamic Headlamp with red ring (TRD type only).

Then, to complete its sophistication, this car is also equipped with DRL (Daytime-Running Lights) lights that are made to blend with the grille. Of course, the design style will make the look from the side of his face feel more characteristic, plus the black piano lower grille. In fact, especially for the Toyota Yaris TRD Sportivo type, the racing and sporty aura is reinforced with red line accents on the bumpers that make it even more elegant and fiercely impressed. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the car is also visible on the side. Where, the roof design is made unique that makes it seem to float.

In addition, it is now also equipped with side skirts and 16-inch two-tone machining-style rims to make it look more aligned and balanced with the overall exterior design. While on the back, this Toyota Yaris has a design style that follows the groove of the front and side exterior concepts. It is clearly visible from the back light in the form of Integrated LED Rear Combination Lamp. In fact, the rear lamp design is made layered and thin with horizontal line grooves so as to give a wide effect on the appearance. Not only that, even the body design in the back sector is now made more aerodynamic.

In addition, the sporty impression looks increasingly prominent, especially in the New Yaris TRD Sportivo considering it is equipped with rear-roof spoilers and diffusers with a racing-style design. Of course, overall, it can be concluded that the exterior sector in the Toyota Yaris specification is quite elegant and looks more futuristic with such a high aerodynamic impression.


Spacious Cabin with Luxury Interior Stretcher Complete Features Dashboard that Is Ready to Pamper Passengers

Not only the ekesterior side, but the interior of the Toyota Yaris specifications also got some more modern and elegant update touches. This time, Toyota made cabin space in its hatchback with a more flexible size to provide freer passenger wiggle room.

Not only that, the interesting side of the interior in this Toyota Yaris is on the dashboard. Where, Toyota has carried the Complete Features concept on its dashboard which is now more spacious. While in the middle it stands out forward with a more challenging design that makes it at first glance look like a surf wave. In addition, the use of silver color on some interior ornaments, claimed to make the atmosphere of the cabin carried by Toyota Yaris becomes more modern, such as on the front console, speakers, knob registers, and air conditioning regulators.

Not quite there, the center in the dashboard sector will also be equipped with a 7-inch HD Display touch screen that will offer several menu entertainment options. Among others such as DVD, FM/AM Radio, USB, AUX, Bluetooth (audio and phone). However, especially for type G and TRD Sportivo itself will be equipped with some additional advanced features, such as iPod ready, miracast, weblink, internet connectivity as well as multitasking windows and remote apps via smartphone.

Meanwhile, in the driver’s position, we can see this Toyota Yaris will use a new steering wheel design with some functional navigation buttons. Behind it is a paddle shift that is specifically for TRD CVT type. Then the instrument panel also looks different from the TFT MID screen for various information related to the condition of the car while driving. Not only that, but this model will also be equipped with several features that are only in the TRD Sportivo type.

Some of them are such as smart entry and engine start/stop button, auto AC, TFT MID, Sport/Eco Mode, paddle shift and leather materials in the steering wheel. Thus, it is not surprising that the cabin space in the interior sector carried by toyota yaris specifications seems more modern and sophisticated in order to support comfort in driving to its passengers.

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8 Type
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